AuGlide™ bimetal lead-free plain bearings



Automotive – Transmissions, king pin, truck brake caliper.

Industrial – Agricultural machinery, earth-movers, textile machinery, pneumatic equipment, mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic cylinders, offhighway equipment, and many more.


  • Lead-free
  • Machinable
  • Design freedom – customizable to meet specific indentation and shape needs
  • Capable of supporting high specific loads and high temperatures
  • Excellent fatigue strength under dynamic and shock load conditions
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Suitable for hydrodynamic operation
  • Suitable for oil and grease lubrication
  • Superior performance under oscillating movement
  • Thin-wall construction permits compact bearing assembly
  • Indents in the bearing surface provide a reservoir for grease and thus allow extended re-greasing


Bearing forms made to order: Cylindrical bushes and sliding plates with non-standard dimensions, RoHS customized bearing designs

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