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Avoiding over-lubrication with UE Systems Grease Caddy


As many as 60 to 80 percent of all bearing failures (catastrophic, functional and premature) are lubrication-related: whether it’s poor lubricant selection, poor application, lubricant contamination or lubricant degradation. In addition to selecting the correct lubricant, use UE Systems’ ultrasound instruments to identify a lack of lubrication and prevent over lubrication conditions. Set a baseline for each bearing, test routinely ...

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The Bearings that drilled the Worldís longest rail tunnel between Zurich and Milan


The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel on Earth when it opened on June 1, 2016, connecting Zurich and Milan. Timken worked closely with the customer, reliably supplying 25,000 TimkenÆ Tapered Roller Bearings to help cut through 95 miles of granite in the heart of the Swiss Alps. See how the Timken teamís engineering know-how and steadfast customer ...

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How to properly clean and re-lubricate bearings


Click here if you need help to reduce your bearing failures, or want to receive the industrial lubricant white paper? Bearing failures often halt plant operations: Premature bearing failures can happen for a variety of reasons: – Extreme operating temperatures (below -30 °C or above 200 °C) – Exposure to aggressive chemicals – Rapid lubricant degradation requiring frequent re-lubrication – ...

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FLASH-CLICK Bearings – GGB Bearing Technology


FLASH-CLICKô bearings from GGB are the industry’s first dual-component double-flanged solid polymer bearings. This unique two-piece construction is extremely durable, lightweight and easy to install. They are an ideal replacement for more costly bearings in many applications. For more information, visit Connect with GGB Bearing Technology on our social channels: LinkedIn: Twitter: Google Plus:

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Steel Mill Bearing Lubrication – Grease Comparison Test


BEARING LUBRICATION in a STEEL MILL. See the comparison test of two NLGI 2 greases — a commercial grease vs. LE’s AlmaplexÆ Ultra-Syn Lubricant (1299). The results are impressive. To find out more about Almaplex® Ultra-Syn Lubricant (1299), visit or contact us at

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ISB Applications – Tapis roulant


ISB products are also used in the fitness and wellbeing sector in machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, step machines, cross trainers, circuit trainers and weight machines. ISB branded products are highly resistant to loads, which means they are suitable for being subjected to high stress for many hours each day.

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