NTN-SNR Shows Strong Growth on the European Steel Market Thanks to Premium Bearings

NTN-SNR has shown high growth in its sales of premium bearings for the steel industry in the last two years. With a strong presence in Europe and CIS countries, NTN-SNR is an established and trusted supplier thanks to the positioning of its premium and technological bearings, which have already conquered the Asian market, Japan in particular. This approach enables NTN-SNR to meet its customers’ demands for quality and service life, for optimal operation of their production facilities. NTN-SNR’s asserted ambition on this market is to increase its sales by 50% over the coming years and become an undisputed benchmark for machine manufacturers and the leading steel manufacturers.

A premium positioning, a development factor
The European steel market is a strategic market for NTN-SNR and now represents a significant driver of growth. Since it started investing actively in this market two years ago, NTN-SNR has seen a sharp rise in its sales, over half of which have been generated with high value-added technological bearings. This premium positioning, driven in particular by the ULTAGE® label, is at the heart of NTN-SNR’s development strategy both in the steel market and in other industrial markets in which it operates.

Service and local presence
In addition to its high-performance products, NTN-SNR also offers its customers advisory and assistance services, as well as training in optimal use and maintenance of the equipment. NTN-SNR offers in-situ diagnostics and tools for mounting and dismounting large bearings.

A premium range meeting all the needs of the steel industry
With its rolling bearings, bearing units and transmission seals, NTN-SNR is present across the entire steel-making process, from raw material conveyors, blast furnaces and converters to rolling mills and finishers. A significant proportion of the proposed bearings bear the ULTAGE® label, a guarantee of high performance and increased service life. Furthermore, NTN-SNR has developed special seals for working in this very harsh environment combining heat, moisture and carbon deposits.

  • Bearings for converters
    NTN-SNR has developed double row spherical roller bearings of very large dimensions to be fitted in converters and trunnions. The principle implemented by NTN-SNR consists of fitting one side of the converter with a split bearing with an inner diameter of 1,120 mm, an outer diameter of 1,540 mm and a width of 525 mm. This split design, achieved through a process of breaking without removing material, saves 90% of dismounting time compared with a conventional one-piece bearing, thereby facilitating maintenance and cutting costs.
  • Bearings for continuous casting
    The NTN-SNR rolling bearings for fixed-type, floating-type and intermediate bearings of continuous casting cylinders can cope with the very high load stresses and temperatures of this equipment. Among others, NTN-SNR offers cylindrical roller bearings with a self-aligning feature, split cylindrical roller bearings and SRB ULTAGE® bearings (spherical roller bearings), including a sealed version, SRB ULTAGE® EE, especially suited for high temperature, load and pollution constraints.
  • Bearings for rolling
    To address rolling safety and reliability constraints, NTN-SNR has developed 4-row cylindrical roller bearings for working rolls and backup rolls, and ULTAGE® 4-row tapered bearings. The latter, available in a sealed version, can be used in highly polluted environments without increasing the space requirement, with a service life multiplied by 3. They can also benefit from the Rust GuardTM treatment, a special corrosion-resistant coating that prevents premature failures and extends the bearings replacement cycle by 50%.

NTN-SNR also offers specific support bearings suitable for Sendzimir-type cold rolling mills with thicker outer rings for very high load capacity and high precision. A version with seals optimises the life of cylinders offering the option of using special low viscosity lubricants.