Our smallest family member is now even better! The new simalube lubricator 15 ml

Simatec ag ​​from Wangen a. Aare in Switzerland launched the simalube 15 ml in 2014, achieving a world first in bringing the smallest automatic single point lubricator to the market. The smallest member of the simalube family has recently been relaunched with improved features.

In addition to its small size, the slim aluminium housing and the possibility to do an individual first-filling with the desired lubricant, it can now also be refilled in the field. This gives an ecological advantage since the housing can be reused several times. The refilling function brings it in line with the other simalube lubricators of sizes 30 ml, 60 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml. A further advantage of the improved simalube 15 ml are the integrated hex flats, which enable tightening of the lubricator with a spanner without risk of deforming the housing.


With the simalube lubricator, the Swiss company opened up another successful sector, and consistently ranks among the leading suppliers in the global industrial market. The development of the patented gas producing dry cell and other elegant design solutions enable simalube lubricators to reliably deliver clean oil or grease at the set rate for up to 12 months, no matter how wet, dusty, noisy or inaccessible the location. Thanks to this innovative technology, complex maintenance processes on thousands of machines worldwide can be greatly simplified and the maintenance costs considerably reduced.

Wangen a. Aare, Switzerland, July 2017

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