ZWZ has built a global bearing simulation center with Romax

ZWZ Group and the United Kingdom Romax Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony. They will work together to build a global bearing simulation technology center, dedicating to the research and application of key areas of bearing simulation technology. Chairman of ZWZ Group Meng Wei and Hu Xiaobing, the general manager of Romax, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and started up global bearing joint simulation technology center , which symbolized that the ZWZ Group simulation technology reached a new high.

UK Romax is the world leader in drive, gearbox industry software, simulation and engineering services, and its computing methods and ideas in the field of bearings have been adopted by international standards several times. Based on the next generation of Internet and industry Development trend, they successfully developed the cloud-based online bearing selection calculation and collaborative development platform, providing qualified and efficient customization services.

In his speech, Mr. Hu said that Romax will invest in the world’s best bearing expert team resources at the Simulation Technology Center, using the cutting edge bearing simulation technology to share the most advanced product development process. In the future, they will also work on large megawatt offshore wind turbine bearings, RV robot reducer bearings and other fields to help ZWZ high-end products further expand the international market.

Meng Wei said that the establishment of the Simulation Technology Center symbolized a new stage of cooperation between the two companies, and it will profoundly influence on the technological progress of ZWZ Group and the development of China’s bearing industry. The development and application of simulation technology is the important support of ZWZ Group to implement high-end and internationalization strategy. The two companies will learn from each other, based on mutual benefit and win-win principle, integrating the advantages of resources, giving full play to the role of the platform of the Simulation Technology Center to build a customer preferred simulation technology platform and open cooperation and win-win platform to jointly promote the Chinese bearing Industrial development.