A Hidden champ from Germany knows how to perform as a global player


KUKKO, synonymous with solutions for non-destructive dismantling, is considered a pioneer of pulling. As a market and innovation leader, KUKKO has a global sales network and is broadly positioned internationally. Its products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. True to the motto “Think globally, act locally”, the expansion strategy takes place in well-prepared steps and always with sophisticated logistics behind it.

The 21-E series – highly appreciated specialists in the extraction of bearings. Available in many sizes.

The individual markets differ from one another in many respects. Therefore, it is important to have a contact person directly on site who knows the specifics of the country-specific market and can react immediately to changes and trends. For this reason, KUKKO has established various subsidiaries that offer customers and partners alike a comprehensive service. Whether it is product training, information on availability and pricing, or personal support for the dealer – the direct exchange and proximity to the potential business partner is a matter close to KUKKO‘s heart.

Benelux: Being close to the customer

The Dutch market focuses on the maintenance of machines and technical equipment and is primarily aimed at the technical trade. Customers demand high- quality products that are characterized by ease of use. “The demand for special product quality has gained immensely in importance in recent years,” comments Timo Langenberg, KUKKO Benelux, on the current market situation.

Timo Langenberg, KUKKO Benelux

Poland: Value for money

Delivery capability and product quality are the main concerns of the Polish market. The possibility to order low-cost spare parts is very well received by customers. In addition, the competent customer service as well as the website and the catalog in the national language are highly appreciated. According to Waldemar Just, Sales Poland and Eastern Europe, price sensitivity has also changed. “It can be observed that quality is more important than price. Customers prefer to spend a few euros more if they get a premium product with a long service life in return.”

The black labels on all KUKKO products contain both the article and serial number, which means that each product can be clearly identified. This simplifies re-orders and traceability to a maximum. The label also contains the most important technical attributes.

USA: Quality is key

The U.S. market is focusing more on quality than quantity. Customers are asking for the one all-rounder that can be used for a wide variety of applications. In addition, the Made in Germany designation represents a special seal of quality for all Americans. “In the US, when someting is marked “Made in Germany,” the thought is impressive engineering, great quality and outstanding performance,” says Greg Genevro, KUKKO Quality Tools Inc., describing the importance of German quality tools.

The modular system is KUKKO‘s unique selling point and enjoys great popularity in all markets across all industries. The 20 and 30 series are the all-rounders among the pullers and can be used universally.
Greg Genevro, KUKKO Quality Tools Inc.

Scandinavia: Warranty is essential

The Scandinavian market, which is dominated by the ball bearing manufacturer SFK based there, is also characterized by some special features. Among customers, KUKKO‘s wide range of products is highly appreciated. This is also a reason why KUKKO products are used in all industries. The longevity of the products is also expected. The 5-year warranty promise contributes to the purchase decision of many customers.

Awarded with the Plus X Award – the multifunctional sets of the 20 and 30 series exist in a wide variety for all industries. The K-2030-10+S is the #1 selling set in the automotive segment in the USA.
A popular product in France is the 128 series ball joint extractors, which are used, for example, on vehicles in the agricultural sector.

Italy: Reliabilty on after sales

A typical market requirement for Italy is the re-ordering of spare parts. In addition, the product quality as well as the local presence are valued. KUKKO products are purchased across all industries, such as the automotive industry or mechanical engineering. There is also an increasing demand in the shipping industry.

France: Passion for simplicity

On the French market there is a high demand for universal pullers. A puller must be sturdy, durable and easy to use. Both the Made in Germany labeling and the excellence to find a solution for any pulling challenge are highly appreciated in France.


This article is published in BearingNews 10th Anniversary special issue


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