A Sulfur-Free Revolution: Alfons Schmeier’s 410A Sulfur Free


Revolutions are the forces that reshape societies, rupture norms, and propel progress. From the industrial development to the digital age, revolutions are what make our world move. And when it comes to technological revolutions in the grinding industry, German superfinishing leader Alfons Schmeier is starting its own revolution…a sulfur-free revolution.

                                            410A Sulfur Free Honing Cup. Credit: Alfons Schmeier

In the machining industry, sulfur is often used as a lubricating film and a mean to reduce heat and improve cooling. By reacting with the metal of the workpiece, sulfur creates sulfides which prevent micro-welding of the tool and workpiece. However, the disadvantages associated with the use of sulfur outweigh its advantages. The chemical bonds of sulfur have adverse effects on the environment, people’s health, and machines. Besides deforestation and destruction of aquatic life, allergies, skin irritations, and breathing difficulties that are some of the most wide-spread effects of sulfur, the latter also harms the machine equipment by creating acidic sulfates that can damage cable insulations, cause machine corrosion, clog filters, and lead to earlier aging of coolants.

A sulfur-free era

Tightening law regulations prompt the reduction of sulfur usage to the minimum in an attempt to reduce its negative impact. Having recognized the importance of developing sulfur-free products, the engineers at Alfons Schmeier have not only created a groundbreaking solution that is harmless to the environment, people, and machines, but also one that has improved performance and tool life. The brand’s latest innovation for honing cups and stones – the 410A Sulfur Free is a cutting-edge technological milestone. From the careful selection and proportion of the ingredients and their exact mixture to the meticulous execution, 410A Sulfur Free embodies the precision and quality inherent to Alfons Schmeier’s universe. The denomination 410A encapsulates the secrecy of the formulation and the benefits of the products.

                                     410A Sulfur Free Honing Stones and Cup. Credit: Alfons Schmeier

410A Sulfur Free at a glance

Instead of being sulfurized, Alfons Schmeier’s 410A Sulfur Free honing stones and cups are carefully waxed, making them entirely sulfur-free, thus, eliminating possible harms for the machine equipment, the operating staff, and the environment. Genuinely combining sintered and white corundum, 410A Sulfur Free solutions exhibit an up to three times better tool life and a significantly improved performance, leading to a better cost per part. Manufacturers can now cut on the maintenance costs for the machines and the expensive handling of health-related issues, as well as eliminate the complex and costly process of disposing of sulfur.

A wide range of application

All 410A Sulfur Free solutions are available in the brand’s proprietary SuperFine I (SF I) and SuperFine II (SF II) bonds. Thanks to the properties of the bonds, lowest pressure, minimal removal rates, and mirror-like surfaces are achieved. Being sulfur-free, all 410A solutions are suitable for a wide range of machines as it is no longer a requirement to have the machines specifically prepared for sulfur. Additionally, certain accompanying costs, such as those related to oil cleaning or filter exchange, are significantly reduced. Alfons Schmeier’s sulfur-free honing stones and cups are used in a wide range of industries, such as automobile and e-mobility, bearing, medical and even the food industry. 410A Sulfur Free are applicable to processes like feed honing, race finishing, face finishing, and sphero finishing.

Alfons Schmeier takes pride in the creation of a cutting-edge solution that preserves the environment, humans’ health, and the machines; a solution with indisputable qualities and evident benefits; a solution like no other – the 410A Sulfur Free: supreme performance, super finish, sulfur-free. Created with sincere care for the environment, the people, and our customers.

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