ABF appoints Ben van Oosterhout as CEO


ABF, a group of technical trading companies based in Roosendaal and a major European player in the bearings and electric motors sector, has appointed Ben van Oosterhout as their new CEO. Van Oosterhout, who has worked for the organisation as Commercial Director for eight years, has succeeded owner Quirijn Fabrie since June 1st.

                                                                                                                                      photo credit: Tommy de Lange

This appointment is part of several organisational changes and improvements. As a result, the family business, founded in 1992 by Aad Fabrie, is even better prepared for the future. “The position requires someone who has proven to be capable in all facets of strong leadership,” says Quirijn. “We found Ben van Oosterhout is that someone. In him, strategic and commercial management skills are combined with solid ethical insight. That is what companies need in 2021 in order to be sustainable and competitive.”

Quirijn Fabrie, having spent more than twenty years ensuring the growth of ABF into a company with a 30 plus million euro turnover and 90 employees, indicates that the time has come for change. Now that he has found the perfect successor, he can shift his attention to other aspects of the organisation. “From now on, I can focus on projects of my choice and put more time and effort into them. Something I particularly enjoy doing.”

The new CEO is looking forward to his new role. “ABF is a dynamic company I enjoy working for,” Van Oosterhout explains. “I take great pleasure in building and motivating our team in the best possible way. Particularly, our daring entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking makes me enjoy my work every day.”

The next few years will see the company continuing on its growth path, further automating and optimising its logistics processes. ABF wants to be a modern and unique company where people feel appreciated and where mutual trust is important.