The most abundant lubricant imaginable is water

Water lubrication technology has the potential to change the way we think about bearings and bearing technology in any industry.

An industry where water is most abundant is obviously the marine industry in general. What if we could combine the abundance of water with its cooling abilities, as well as its load-carrying abilities as a hydrodynamic bearing lubricant, with a revolutionary technology that would be able to provide bearing functionality everywhere in proximity to water?

All we have to do is look at materials that can withstand salt water or water with relatively hard particles such as sand, and have extremely good tribological properties in combination with water.


Ceratec Ceramic Bearings BV has more than 30 years’ experience designing and developing bearing systems that are media lubricated using ceramics. Ceramic materials are chemically inert, extreme hard and, when connected to existing constructions in the right way, can make a bearing system extremely durable, just using water as lubricant.

We would like to invite you to come and see us and discuss your potential disruptive bearing innovation for your products.

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