A&S Automotive Solutions: the new bearing brand for light vehicles from Fersa Group

A&S offers a wide range of products with European engineering and quality for the main light vehicle brands.

Fersa Group launches A&S Automotive Solutions, the new bearing brand for light vehicles. It is the newest bearing alternative best adapted to the market needs. It guarantees a high quality product for the automotive spare parts market and focuses on a wide range of part numbers, superior service, and high European quality standards guaranteed.

The first A&S catalog includes over 2400 part numbers for more than 3000 models of about 130 brands. An agile and close customer service is a fundamental part of the new brand identity in order to guarantee the best experience to the customers.

A&S online catalog is now available on the website: www.ASautosolutions.com

A&S joins the rest of the Fersa Group brands to cover all sectors: A&S as the passenger car and light vehicle expert, Fersa specialized in commercial vehicles and NKE covering all industrial applications.

Tel: +34 976 333 858 Ext 152