Axel Johnson International Acquires a Majority Stake in Royse for Expansion in the Spanish Market


The acquisition of Rodamientos y Servicios S.L., and Royse ISM Servicios Integrales, S.L. (together “Royse”), a leading provider of power transmission products and services in Spain, is significant for Axel Johnson International, and one of the largest in the group’s history. Royse will become a part of the Power Transmission Solutions (“PTS”) business group, strengthening the position in Iberia and is supported by shared values and a mutual vision for the future.

Royse, a family-owned company based in Seville, Spain, operates 14 branches, employs over 160 people nationwide and is the largest independently owned company in the Iberian power transmission market. The company was founded by Juan Manuel Ortega Sr. in 1979. It is well-known for its customer-oriented approach and its strong offering with bearings, transmission, and value-adding services as core segments. The company’s geographical expansion has ensured high availability of products, a skilled workforce, and efficient logistics from facilities all over Spain, guaranteeing the best possible service and response to the market. PTS’ and Royse’s mutual customer-focused approach and long-term commitment are important in supporting continued strong customer relationships.

“With Axel Johnson International and Royse both being family-owned, we quickly found common grounds and a mutual vision for the future. We’re excited to embark on this journey as partners with shared ownership committed to growth and success. With shared values, strong customer focus and a long-term view, I believe this partnership will be truly beneficial and enriching for both of us,” says Ola Sjölin, Managing Director at PTS, Axel Johnson International.

Juan Manuel Ortega Sr. comments: “As the founder of Royse, I am proud of what we have become over these 45 years, and I am very confident that this alliance will strengthen our presence in Spain and Portugal even more. My son and I will remain in the company, and we are very excited about this partnership.”

Royse will continue to operate under its established brand and name, maintaining its current management and operational structure. This continuity ensures that the service and expertise that Royse is known for will remain and continue to evolve also in the future.

Juan Manuel Ortega Jr. (or Pareja) joined Royse in 1998. Over these 25 years, the company has grown rapidly and has become a strong nationwide supplier to the power transmission sector. He says: “The fact that both companies are family-owned has been key to this partnership. It is essential for us that Royse keeps its identity and structure, and with this alliance, we will have even more opportunities to expand in Spain and Portugal.”

Spain is the fourth largest economy in the EU, and one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. The country has several important sectors, such as machinery, metal, textile, food and beverage, and energy, driving the power transmission market. Furthermore, Spain’s forward-leaning renewable energy sector has been identified as a strategic area for growth for Axel Johnson International.


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