Ball Bearing Relubrication Services


SMB Bearings provides a specialised bearing relubrication service. Using our bespoke relubrication facility, we clean and relubricate bearings from our own stock as well as customer-supplied bearings. We can relubricate stainless steel, chrome steel and hybrid bearings with customer-specified lubricants.

Our expert team has decades of experience in relubrication and the use of specialised lubricants. In fact, we have been providing bearing relubrication services now for approximately thirty years.

If you have a problem application, or if you are finding your bearing is not performing as you intended, relubrication may be the optimal solution. The same bearing may perform as required if it is using a lubricant that is matched to the application. Our expert team can advise on this. After degreasing a bearing, we can provide samples with different lubricants and different fill levels, to test which solutions will keep your bearing running optimally.

In other situations, you may know exactly what lubricant you need but the original manufacturer no longer supplies it or will not fulfil orders below a minimum quantity. Again, we can help. We often find this is important in military applications, or applications that will be used in highly regulated environments.

Our experienced technicians work in a highly controlled environment, using sophisticated technology, to ensure the level of precision that is required. Much like a cleanroom, our purpose-built facility operates air filters to eliminate any sources of contamination that might be present during the process. The cleaning process uses specialised chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Highly specialised equipment allows us to degrease bearings without removing the shields. If this option is necessary for your bearings, you can arrange to talk to us and inspect our facility to see how this technology works.

We can control the bearing lubrication to within a few milligrams so if you require a low, normal or high grease fill or even a specific grease weight, we can provide the level of precision required.

In many applications, knowing how to degrease bearings or what lubricant is best for a specialised application is not something that can be left to guesswork. Trust our experts instead.

Large manufacturers are typically uninterested in low and mid-volume orders with non-standard lubricants, but our team at SMB Bearings is here to help. We have no minimum quantity, so whether you require one bearing or several hundred, come and talk to us.

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Specialised lubricants

Many of our customers require bearings with specialised lubricants. In the food and beverage sector, for example, non-toxic and water-resistant lubricants that meet industry regulations are needed. In low torque applications, dry lubricants or greases with very low viscosity are more suitable than standard lubricants. Other examples where standard lubricants may not suffice include high temperature, high speed or vertical shaft applications. For more help with this, you can use our ‘choose your grease’ quiz.

Using industry-leading technology in our purpose-designed relubrication facility, we can clean your bearings and replace the lubricant with a specialist lubricant selected to match your application. If you are stuck with a problem application or need advice on the correct choice of lubricant, our team can advise. We can provide the following specialist lubricants:

  • Cleanroom lubricants
  • Dampening greases
  • Dry lubricants
  • Food safe greases
  • High temperature lubricants
  • Low temperature lubricants
  • Low torque lubricants
  • Molybdenum disulphide coating
  • Perfluorinated lubricants
  • Radiation-resistant lubricants
  • Vacuum lubricants
  • Waterproof greases
  • Molded oil/solid oil lubrication

For more information, you can download our relubrication catalogue

Alternatively, you can contact the SMB Bearings team on +44 (0)1993 842555 or email us at [email protected].