Bearing Clearance Compensation and Shimming Strategies


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This presentation aims at the effects for the whole process chain. Dealing with setting the pre-load brings along potential big benefits for the whole process chain. This approach is based on the use of shims and similar, alternative methods for the same purpose.

The knowledge of the right pre-load set and optimal bearing clearance compensation measures are not only crucial for the bearing lifetime and durability. This knowledge means as well to act with full conscience in regards of the impact, which will have each different method of bearing clearance compensation.

For those cases where shims stand as an possible alternative for the clearance adjustment there are naturally other adjustment types to be thinkable; whether that might be grinding, machining, grouping of components by tolerance classifications, adjustment by screws or different shim types – all methods have their technical justification and also their respective effect. This very effect affects the whole process chain for the company who performs the mounting job of the bearing.

This presentation aims especially on the unexpected benefits of shimming based on the right choice of shim material types: solid shims, laminated shims and edge welded shims versus other conventional adjustment methods. Enabling the user to perform an optimum in the play adjustment it also will create notable gains over the whole process chain connected to bearing assembly.

Please feel free to join Christoph Martin presentation between 15 – 18 March at the Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event. Apart from that, you can always contact Christoph Martin for your individualized advice.

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Position: 2016 CEO / Georg Martin GmbH
Position: 2004 Member of the Board / Georg Martin GmbH
Departments: Organisation Management, Sales, Work Preparation
Position: 2002 Manufacturing Engineer/ TRW Automotive, Safety Systems
Department: Manufacturing Engineer, Airbag Assembly
Studies: 1996 Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur FH Gießen-Friedberg (Hessen) / Diploma Thesis at FAG
Apprenticeship: 1993 Tool Mechanic

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