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15 March (09am CET)  18 March (09am CET) 2021


Per Arnold Elqvist
Root Cause Bearing Failure Analysis


Dave Hull
Precision Components
The Evolution and Future of the Global Bearing Industry


Sebastiano Rizzo

Tsubaki Nakashima Co. Ltd.
Modelling of Bearing Ball Lapping Machines  for Vibration Monitoring and Quality Control


Ian Knight
Enluse BV
The Lube Room is the Foundation of Bearing Reliability



Hagen Elgeti
Elgeti Engineering GmbH
Development of Bearing Suppliers and Quality Control during Purchasing

1. What can we do to keep our BEARING QUALITY CONTROL level during the pandemic?
                                       2. Why should we develop further BEARING suppliers?
                                       3. Which Bearing Quality is suited to my Application?


Haris Trobradovic

SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Lubrication is not an island: Ultrasound Guided Condition Based Lubrication


Juergen Lauer

Rohmann GmbH

Eddy Current Inspection on Bearing Rings and Rollers


Christoph Martin

Georg Martin GmbH
Bearing Clearance Compensation and Shimming Strategies



Toon Van Grunderbeeck
Lubrication Reliability Fundamentals


Todd Snelgroeve

Experts in Value
Bearing Distributors and Manufacturers working together  to change the discussion with customers to  “Value First Then Price”


Markus Raabe
Mesys AG
“You need a Bearing Stiffness? Which one? “ Remarks and Influence Factors for Stiffness of Shaft-Bearing Systems


Mark Roberts
OTB Solutions
How to design and deliver conversations in the Bearing Industry, that lead to revenue (virtually)?


Vikas Manral

Recovery of the Bearing Industry


Rich Wurzbach

MRG Laboratories
New techniques for grease sampling and analysis to enhance reliability and extend bearing and grease life


Pratap Kambley
Caravan Reliability Services
Case study on “How fretting corrosion can crack bearings in a wind application” and “The use of ultrasound for monitoring slow speed bearings”


David Beattie

DASH Engineering
Mining Industry Application for Bearings: Myths & Reality


Blair Fraser

UE Systems
Reimagine Bearing Lubrication with IIoT and Ultrasound


Alejandro Perez Martinez

Grupo MTF
Correlation between laser shaft alignment & Bearing Life: A Holistic point of view


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The BEARING EXPO & B2B MEETINGS event will be “live” online between 15 – 18 March 2021, with unique features for maximum interaction and matchmaking between bearing and power transmission industry peers:

Beside the conference and the “ask the expert” panels, the  BEARING EXPO & B2B MEETINGS event will also include:

  • online exhibition area, with video and chat functionality
  • B2B meeting option with other participants (by video or chat options)
  • Speed networking video meeting sessions between manufacturers, distributors, OEM/MRO companies and solution providers

Feel free to visit the BEARING EXPO website or contact [email protected] for your questions or in case you would like to join this unique event as an exhibitor or speaker.


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