Bearing News magazine June issue


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Reliable Technologies Drive the Future of the Bearing Industry

In this new edition of Bearing News Magazine, we will marvel at the capabilities of modern bearings. Whether navigating the surface of Mars or speeding across earth on a newly designed bullet train, high performance bearings are helping to push the boundaries of human achievement. Highlight how companies have responded to the increased demand for improved reliability, and browse the newest product designs helping bearings operate in the most extreme environments.

Further, where there is human ingenuity, there is an infusion of technology. Bearings, especially those supporting critical industries, require innovative technological support, often in the form of advanced data collection. In this edition of Bearing News, I am excited to share a breakthrough announcement in bearing technology. The development of a fully commercial version of SKF’s Sensor Roller is a milestone achievement, and one our Bearing News team is privileged to share with readers.

Lastly, as the world continues to navigate the ravaging effects of the Covid-19, online events have provided an outlet for the industry. This past March, Bearing News held the first ever “online” Bearing Expo. It covered multiple time-zones and incorporated

We hope that you will enjoy it!

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