BearingNEWS launches Technical Department with Khashayar Hajiahmad


Antwerp, 10 December 2019Khashayar Hajiahmad joined the BearingNEWS team to enforce the Technical department starting from January 2020.

Khashayar Hajiahmad started his career in 2007 as a mechanical designer for bulk material handling equipment mainly belt conveyors. Then he moved to SKF Group in 2009 as sales engineer for maintenance and lubrication products and power transmission products.

In this area of his career he had many successful experiences in heavy industries specifically metal, mining and pulp and paper listed below:

  • Fighting with fake bearings
  • Focused on best practices for Mounting and Dismounting of rolling bearings (mechanical, heating, hydraulic methods)
  • Improving bearing reliability by improving lubrication practices specifically on grease lubricated bearings
  • Performed bearing failure analysis
  • Designed and maintained belt drives
  • Designed and Maintained chain drives
  • Installed Couplings and improved their lubrication regime
  • Performed laser shaft and belt alignment
  • Basic condition monitoring including vibration, thermography and sound analysis

Later in 2012 he joined SKF group in Dubai and was stationed in Oman. He has been actively engaged with many industries in Oman and has supported them to achieve their reliability goals, some of his main projects:

  • Trainer in Large training program for a global mining plant in Sohar on bearings, lubrication and condition monitoring
  • Application engineering support and for main oil and gas companies, cement, mining and metal industries
  • Supported Operator Driven Reliability programs
  • Performed maintenance and lubrication audits to identify the gaps maintenance and proposed improvements
  • Root cause analysis on critical asset including bearing failure analysis, vibration an oil analysis and diagnostics
  • Supported many companies in improving their Lubrication management program like in: Lubricant selection, Lubrication quantities, Intervals, Best Lubrication Practices
  • Implementing varnish removal system for gas turbines and large compressors

After years of dealing with rotating equipment issues and experience in rolling element business and gaining advanced knowledge on bearings and lubrication, he decided to obtain recognized international certifications in lubrication field as well.

  • In 2014 he was certified Machinery Lubrication Technician Level I ( MLT I ) by International Council for Machinery Lubrication ( )
  • In 2015 he was certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level I ( MLA I ) by International Council for Machinery Lubrication ( )
  • In 2015 he was certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level II ( MLA II ) by International Council for Machinery Lubrication ( )
  • In 2017 he was certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level III ( MLA III ) by International Council for Machinery Lubrication ( )

In 2018, he left SKF. He is now focused on delivering his knowledge and experience by on-site training courses to many industries specifically on bearing failure analysis as per ISO 15243 standard and machinery lubrication.

He has joined now the bearing news team to form the technical department to support the industry with technical services and advice. You can contact him at for all your technical questions related to bearings, lubrication and bearing applications.