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The Bearing Industry Forges Ahead

Consistent with traditional BearingNews’ objectives, this new edition offers a variety of current industry insights, as well as prospective information to help drive the global bearing community forward. Included is a first look at the most important events of 2022. See which global events are taking place in the near future, and explore how companies can maximize their B2B success through new hybrid opportunities.

Next, as many as one in six bearings may fail because of inadvertent damage sustained during mounting. Industry leader, SKF, helps readers understand the vertical shaft mounting procedure and how to overcome potential problems. Later, ZEN shares its latest success in the advancement of corrosion resistant bearings that are proven to outlast standard stainless steel. Read how the eco-friendly, food grade, anti-rust coated bearings are extending bearing life, and improving cost efficiency.

Finally, as Covid-19 continues to affect supply chains around the world, the bearing industry is facing unprecedented disruption, and suppliers, distributors, and end customers need to prepare for change. Discover new perspectives on current market dynamics, responses from manufacturers, and scenarios for the future.

What’s Rolling..

What’s rolling further in the bearing industry. Learn details about key companies and trends, announcements, and product developments, specifically within the areas of lubrication, software innovation, online monitoring solutions, failure prevention techniques, and other advanced bearing technologies. All this and more can be found in this new issue of BearingNews Magazine.

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