Bearings 2000 Strengthens Market Presence with Acquisition of IWIS Drive Systems’ South African Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa


Bearings 2000 (B2K), a prominent distributor of industrial bearings and power transmission products, proudly announces the successful acquisition of IWIS Drive Systems’ (IWIS) South African operations and the exclusive distribution rights of IWIS brands across Sub-Saharan Africa. This acquisition follows IWIS’ decision to exit the South African market.

The acquisition of IWIS Drive Systems’ operations represents a significant strategic move for B2K as it continues to diversify and enhance its power transmission offerings across the region. Ross Trevelyan, Managing Director of B2K, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, stating, “We view this expansion as a strategic enhancement of our power transmission capabilities, promising vast opportunities in the sectors and regions where we operate.”

Customers of B2K can now anticipate gaining access to IWIS’s globally recognised Elite, JWIS, and Felxon brands, renowned for their exceptional quality, innovation, and reliability.

“Our partnership with IWIS not only enlarges our portfolio but significantly enhances our technical support and service capabilities,” notes Trevelyan. “Our advanced engineering workshop is adept at delivering customised solutions with swift turnaround times, thus addressing the dynamic requirements of our customers.”

IWIS, headquartered in Germany, sees this collaboration as an opportunity to maintain and strengthen its presence in Africa, leveraging B2K’s extensive network and expertise. “Our alignment with B2K sets the stage for growth and success, keeping us optimistic about future advancements and expansions in the African market,” remarks Dr. Frank Mitzschke, CEO of IWIS Drive Systems.

The collaboration between B2K and IWIS unites two industry leaders, merging premier products with exceptional service and support, setting the stage for unparalleled advantages for B2K’s customer base.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration Include:

Access to globally-recognised brands: Introduction of IWIS’s premium product range to the Sub-Saharan African market, ensuring access to top-notch chain solutions.

Expert Support: The proficient B2K team providing expert guidance to help select products and optimise performance.

Streamlined Supply Chain: B2K as the exclusive distributor streamlines the ordering and receiving process of IWIS products, boosting productivity by minimizing downtime.

Customized Solutions, Swift Delivery: Tailored solutions promptly delivered to meet unique needs, ensuring seamless operations.

“We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their continued trust and support,” concludes Trevelyan. “This journey is not just ours; it’s yours too. Let’s continue to move forward and break new ground together.”


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