Bearings For The Food Processing Industry – Watch the Video

BOCAfoodprcswbcntBoca Bearings is proud to introduce their new and expanded line of full ceramic bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings and specialty lubricates specifically designed for the food processing and food packaging industries. Some of the most pressing issues facing the food manufacturing industry today are controlling costs and food safety. Full ceramic bearings and ceramic hybrid bearings are capable of alleviating some of these concerns. Ceramic balls are far more efficient than steel balls because the rolling surface is more spherically perfect and therefore reduces friction. Companies that converted to ceramic bearings have seen a decrease of energy consumption and were therefore able to cut cost.

Ceramic in ball form is twice the Rockwell hardness of steel which results in a more durable and longer lasting bearing. Boca Bearings line of full ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings are appropriate for use in food packaging and food processing due to their ability to work in challenging conditions. Ceramic materials can operate in extreme temperatures, work with heavy loads and will not corrode or rust when exposed to water, alkali or acids, as might be customary during food preparation.


Boca Bearings also offers a line of traditional lubrications, solid lubrications and dry lubrications that are FDA approved for food manufacturing facilities. For example Boca’s exclusive Ultra Dry Lube (UDL) is an extensively modified lamellar composition that adds less than half a micron to any metal substrate. UDL molecularly bonds to most materials and is inorganic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to most fuels, solvents and acids present in food processing.

Further Boca Bearings offers the Lightning Solid Lube (LSL) line of solid Polyethylene and Graphite lubricants. LSL Poly lube, available in food grade and non food grade, is excellent for continuous operating temperatures up to 93 degree C (200 degree F) that can drastically increase bearing life and eliminate dripping oil or grease. LSL Graphite lube can be used in extreme operating temperatures from -157 degree C (-250 degree F) to 349 degree C (660 degree F); Graphite Lube is insoluble in most organic solutions and will not wash out in water, steam or chemical wash down procedures. … Processing

The Boca Bearing Company is one of the most trusted names in ceramic bearing technology. The reduction of rolling resistance and conservation of energy has been our hallmark since 1987. Boca Bearings never has a minimum order and is a one stop shop for everything from prototyping to production. Whether you are looking for affordability, longevity or high speed, Boca Bearings has just the bearing for you. Wholesale discounts are available upon request.

For more information, please contact [email protected], or click here for more information about the Ceramic Bearings.


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