Bearings in Anemometers, Meteorological Instruments: Case Study


The Situation

Customer Overview
Company specializes in the development and manufacture of professional meteorological instruments. Their reliable instrumentation has earned worldwide accolades.

Problem and Goal
The company needed a bearing that can spin with minimal resistance in a variety of harsh weather conditions.

The action

Bearing Type
Full ceramic radial bearings are a perfect fit as they are rounder, smoother, and harder than steel, and offer superior corrosion and heat resistance, with lower density to withstand the elements.

Full ceramic, radial, deep groove, bearings are made entirely of ceramic material and are superior to common steel bearings

The bearings are being used on a metering shaft. So it can accurately transmit information to the system.

After identifying the ideal solution, Boca Bearings purchasing team with more than 37 years of experience aligned its vendor community to secure the exact product at volume with consistency and dependable production and distribution.

The Result

Through continuous testing and improvement, utilizing the new ceramic bearings the anemometer was able to operate with much less friction, at a significantly higher accuracy level which greatly extends the life cycle.

Using this precision ceramic bearing gave 22% more accurate readings due to the decreased resistance, and has extended the life time of the unit with minimal to no maintenance required.


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