Can you afford breakdown to your machinery when you need to produce essential goods?


Unwanted breakdown in this time of crisis can be costly as the whole world needs your contribution. Also, man-power and spare parts unavailability has put us in a never seen before situation to keep our plant running. SDT has come with support package to keep your machines running and avoid any breakdown that may appear anytime soon.

Ultrasound is what keeps your machine running!

Support Package 1: SDT is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasound solution by using which you can detect anomalies like leak, bearing defect, electrical discharges, improper lubrication etc. Ultrasound is absolutely necessary to check whether your machine is having any anomaly. If you wish to buy our solution then we can provide demonstration over Skype with practical hands-on. We will provide 4 days intensive training over on-line along with very detailed e-learning course to keep you going. 24 X 7 support is absolutely complimentary.

Support Package 2: In this time of crisis, you can take lease of our state-of-the-art ultrasound detector and analyzer. This package also comes with Ultrasound Essential 1 e-learning course which can help you to increase the knowledge about Ultrasound from the comfort at home / factory. Along with that, 4 days intensive training via Skype which will make sure that you use our solution effectively. You will get free 24 X 7 support via phone, email, signature analysis during your contract period. Let us serve the world together.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions
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