China Bearing Industry Directory v1.3 is released


BearingNEWS, the world’s most important bearing magazine, is bringing the global bearing industry closer than ever before. It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the China Bearing Industry Directory. This limited time publication will be made available for 2 years and will showcase a selection of Chinese manufactures competing in a variety of product ranges to the global bearing industry.

China is a major manufacturing center for the global bearing industry with thousands of companies constantly changing, growing and adapting. In an effort to help you navigate the vast expanse of manufacturers, each product category will highlight only 3 to 4 manufacturers across a spectrum of product offerings. This includes but is not limited to, bearings, components, seals, materials, equipment, machine tools and services. Through a concise company snapshot, customers can easily determine the product offerings, capabilities, and other valuable information necessary to qualify a new potential partner.

The China Bearing Industry Directory is created using a mature network strategically developed by BearingNEWS magazine, and has been designed to provide key company insights for those looking to optimize supplier development. Demand for this resource has increased due to recent cancellation of in-person events, and we are proud to offer this in digital and print to our partners throughout the world.

Download China Bearing Industry Directory


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