COC aims to replace all SN5 plummer block units in the world


One of COC’s goals is to replace all SN5 plummer block units in the world with COC SN units.

Only a few manufacturers in the world produce unitized SN dimension metric units. However, COC declares that COC unitized SN is the only 100% compatible unit with SN5 standard in the world. Most of the manufacturers are using one size smaller bearings than the standard SN5 bearings.

The reason for this is according to COC the common usage of adapter mount inserts which have the same O.D. as their setscrew mount inserts, although SN5 uses taper bore 222XX bearings with the adapters.

The bearing sizes listed in red colour are smaller O.D. sized inserts than standard SN5 bearings. For example, SN511 uses 22211 bearing and ISN511 uses the 22210 inserts. Click to check the chart on COC website.

The center heights and mounting pitches of housings are same as SN5, so the manufacturers have always been using larger housings with smaller inserts to match the dimensions. The smaller O.D. size has always been reducing the load carrying capabilities and may lead to shorter bearing life.

COC’s insert bearing number is exactly same as the SN5 standard number.

The general manufacturers would say that SN5 bearings are oversized because of the adapter sleeves. However, the long term SN5 users can’t expect the same bearing lives to those unitized SN5 units. COC uses the standard adapter sleeves within the patented CROSSLOC™ which confirms the reason why COC units are 100% compatible with SN5.

COC is trying to be competitive on price even with one size larger inserts than most of other manufacturers to achieve the goal to replace all SN5 in the world with COC SN.

The full comparison between CX2SN vs. SN5 by COC can be checked at:

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