Configurator – The right puller at the click of a mouse


As a solution developer with expertise and vision, KUKKO has been relying on perfect
consulting for over 100 years. Today, however, it must be available 24/7 and as individual
as possible.

With the launch of the new digital product configurator, KUKKO is entering into a new
age of product recommendation. With just a few clicks, the user is empowered by specific
questions to provide the relevant information and measurements for solving the problem.
Independent of time and place, it is always possible to find the right tool for the respective

A defective ball bearing must be replaced, but which tool is required? You want to change
the pulley on a crankshaft, but how do you get it solved? The bearing race of a wheel hub
needs to be replaced, but it is not so easy to remove.

The solution configurator finds the right answer for all these applications. This process is
uncomplicated, user-friendly and leads directly to the result you want.

  1. The first step is to determine the part that’s to be removed and replaced. A pre-selection of different components to freely choose from is available to the user.
  2. Then the specific data such as the inner or outer diameter, size of the clamping depth
    as well as the space next to the part to be removed must be entered. Each individual
    input from the user affects the product search. This always guarantees that the
    extraction tool required for non-destructive dismantling is also found.
  3. After entering all the necessary data, you will receive your individual product
    recommendation. You will either be forwarded directly to the product page or you can
    choose to have alternative work tools displayed.
    If no special solution is available for a particular application, you will be forwarded directly to our support via a contact form.


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