Control of Contamination for Achieving High Quality Bearing Cages


In current market scenario, which demands high quality bearings with longer life and low noise in applications, ‘cleanliness’ of components used by bearing companies need to be aligned to more and more stringent automotive requirements. Ball bearing cage, in particular, requires neglectable level of contamination in order to guarantee smooth balls revolution and noiseless bearing functioning.

The contamination in bearing components is typically categorized into metallic and fiber particles. The Indian company Manu Yantralaya Pvt Ltd has been able to drastically reduce and to keep under control both these contaminants of ball bearing cages within an impressively low number of dirt particles per each component, in such a way to meet end customers application requirements, for instance,  of German automotive giant making Electric Vehicles or of European and American aerospace manufacturers.

Manu has been working closely with customers having special washing and rust preventive requirements. Customized medias are used in line with even very special customer needs like sub-zero temperatures or special grease requirement.

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