Counterfeit Bearings intercepted in Russia


The mobile team of the Samara customs office stopped a vehicle heading from Kazakhstan to Russia on 12 September 2020 with counterfeit bearings on board.

During the customs inspection, bearings were branded under SKF trademark, which is registered and protected in the Russian Federation. A request was made to the copyright holder about the possible detection of counterfeit.

The representative of the trademark holder confirmed the presence of signs of counterfeiting, also pointing out the danger of using counterfeits. According to experts, counterfeit bearings can cause damage to the equipment in which they are installed, as well as harm human health.

The damage to the trademark holder exceeds 700 thousand rubles. The rightholder sent a request to the customs office to bring the perpetrators to justice, as well as the destruction of the counterfeit goods.

Penalty for this type of crime can result in 2 years imprisonement under Part 1 of Article 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.