Crackdown on Counterfeit Bearings: Recent Cases Unveiled


Counterfeit bearings, a scourge that threatens both industries and consumers alike, continue to plague bearing markets worldwide. Recent cases in China and India underscore the ongoing battle against these fraudulent products, emphasizing the importance of stringent quality control measures and collaborative efforts between authorities and manufacturers.

Ningbo Customs Seizes Consignment of Counterfeit Auto Parts

Ningbo Customs, in a recent operation, intercepted a shipment declared as “bearings and pulleys,” revealing a stash of counterfeit auto parts. Marked with trademarks Koyo and KYMCO, these parts, upon verification, were confirmed as counterfeit by the copyright holders. The seizure, totaling 4,950 units, highlights the dangers posed by counterfeit bearings, which often compromise safety standards and risk equipment failure.

The operation served as a stark warning to counterfeiters, signaling accountability and the commitment to combatting counterfeit products.

NBC Bearings Conducts Another Raid On Counterfeiters

Meanwhile, in India, National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NEI), a leading bearings manufacturer under the CK Birla Group, intensified its crackdown on counterfeit bearings. Through coordinated efforts with local authorities, NEI conducted raids in Delhi and Agra, seizing counterfeit bearings worth over 2.8 million USD.

NEI’s commitment to authenticity and customer safety is evident through its continuous efforts to combat counterfeiters and encourage consumers to purchase from authorized dealers. The implementation of tools like the NBC Connect App further strengthens NEI’s resolve to eliminate counterfeit bearings and ensure product integrity.

These recent cases underscore the global battle against counterfeit bearings, emphasizing the critical role of collaboration between authorities, manufacturers, and consumers. As industries continue to innovate and advance, safeguarding against counterfeit products remains paramount to ensure safety, reliability, and trust in the market. Through concerted efforts and heightened vigilance, stakeholders can mitigate the risks posed by counterfeit bearings and uphold the integrity of products and industries worldwide.


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