CRAFT Bearings Dakar team ready to join the Dakar Rally 2018

Less time remains before the 40th anniversary of Dakar Rally and CRAFT Bearings Dakar team with Antanas Juknevičius is already getting a combat Toyota Hilux Overdrive car ready for the toughest rally marathon in the world!

Before the start in 2018, a completely new engine is installed on the car.

The team decided to change the engine, because the old one, although it worked perfectly, has already exhausted all the resources recommended by the manufacturer.

“It was very important to buy an engine, because our old engine had already passed through 4 Dakar Rallies. In addition, we ran the World Championship and took part in Kazakhstan Rally. Car’s resource, set by the manufacturer, has been used up. We are happy to succeed in completing the most important task before 2018 – replacing the engine. The new heart is already beating.”  Team Leader A. Juknevičius comments.

The new Lexus IS F engine is a 5-liter V8 produced by the Japanese Yamaha plant. Equally the same engine as ever was placed on those cars.

This year in Dakar 2017 CRAFT Bearings Team with Antanas Juknevičius and Darius Vaičiulis crossed the finish line in the 21st position overall – a record high finish for any racing driver or a team from the Baltics in the history of Dakar rally!

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