CSC BEARING – New ‘Precision Bearing Production Project’ started


CSC is strongly growing! The New Precision Bearing Production Project in Changshu was just kicked off.

With a total investment of over 200 million in RMB and an extension of space by more than 25.000m² to the already existing 130.000m² this new plant is a key project for CSC Bearing.

The new factory is a milestone for CSC in order to enlarge the output of precision bearings and to offer a wider range of products. Smaller bores, new materials and advanced bearing designs will be offered in the future. The completion and operation of the project will meet the needs of international and domestic customers in aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, machine tool spindles, medical care, food machinery and other fields, and provide customers with better services.

CSC Bearing is once again standing at a new starting point of development. It will expand the production capacity of precision bearings, enhance the core competitiveness of CSC Bearing products, meet the national industrial development direction and requirements, and meet the needs of customers worldwide. CSC is convinced that this new building will further improve the precision bearing quality level and become the first echelon of precision bearing manufacturers preferred by domestic and international customers.

Meeting clean energy directives – CSC goes green!

An increasing global demand for natural resources and the inherent challenges accompanying this demand pose a great task for manufacturing companies. Fortunately, at CSC sustainability isn’t just a catch word. The new CSC factory will meet clean energy directives and by that not only improve the environment and preserve natural resources, it also enhances the competitiveness in a global market. To be more precise: at CSC sustainability covers the four areas energy, sourcing, water and waste: An encouraging sign for the future!

New Highspeed – Testrig

KAT CEO Stefan Besendorf on the left and CSC Europe CEO Dr. Markus Wolf next to the new testrig).

In cooperation with the company KAT (Kraus Automatisierungstechnik GmbH) CSC Europe GmbH in Germany expands its test facilities with a Highspeed Testrig for spindle Bearings Oswald Bayer, Senior head of R&D developed this more advanced test rig together with KAT and states “This is a big step forward enabling us to test spindle bearings with a revolution speed more than 2.5 Mio ndm value (grease lubricated) and thus get more precise information for further improvement of new bearing generations.”

New grinding machines

CSC is continuously investing in high-end production equipment to meet customer needs when it comes to having higher machining efficiencies and higher machining accuracies. Therefore, in October a contract with the German company G&N for new grinding machines was signed emphasizing once more that the demand for quality is a high priority in the CSC production process.

Investing in the future – CSC Europe GmbH

The CSC office in Germany is responsible for R&D and quality guidelines, logistics and customer support all over Europe.

CSC Europe GmbH in Germany

In order to be prepared for the future and to provide customers with the best possible service, CSC has invested massively in Germany in recent months: A spacious warehouse with a large selection of different bearing types, enhancing logistics capabilities, offices and an enlarged Research & Development Center with its own measuring laboratory have been built there. And there will be more: Managing director Dr. Markus Wolf is very pleased to announce: “In addition to the large selection of spindle bearings made of steel and ceramics, CSC Europe will also offer a wide range of high-speed bearing types directly from stock starting in 2021, such as HC, HS, HSS or HCS.”

About CSC
For more than six decades, CSC Bearing has been a manufacturer of rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings and high precision bearings with currently annual sales of approximately USD 100 million and more than 1000 employees worldwide.

CSC operates offices in Europe & Asia: On an area of over 130,000 sqm, CSC manufactures rolling bearings for the world market.

Join the team!
Currently CSC Europe is looking for passionate and dynamic ‘Area Sales Representatives’ in Poland, Northern Italy, France, the UK, Scandinavia and Benelux Countries. Interested parties should have a technical understanding sales experience in bearings and enjoy working with people. Working place would be the homeoffice in the respective country with the appropriate equipment being provided by CSC. All CSC employees will receive intensive, individual training and professional training measures: Interested? Please contact us at or call Ms. Nicole Zink at +49 9383 873 9001

In September, the foundation ceremony for “New Precision Bearing Production Project” was held. CSC President and CEO Zhu Keming (picture) gave the starting signal for the new factory.

An impressive new factory which will meet the needs of international customers will be built in the coming months.