Design and Manufacture of Cast Steel Bearing Housings


Creating motion in manufacture is a key element of efficient production. Using less effort to achieve more is a focus for engineers all over the globe and, with our dedication to sustainability in industry, there are benefits to the planet that reach far beyond the benefits of high-quality parts and manufacturing systems enjoyed by our clients.

It was the industrial revolution that saw a rise in the use of bearings, even though there are examples of the technology growing long before this point in history. Technology has developed through time, becoming more cost effective, longer lasting and improving performance through enhanced engineering design and improved materials.

What is a steel bearing housing and how is it used in manufacture?

We are proud to design and manufacture our bearing housing for a variety of applications in industry with a reputation for products that are made to tough it out in the harshest of work environments. The British made products of Bri Mac are trusted to be relied upon to withstand extreme working conditions such as steel mills, crushing and metal recycling applications.

This blog explores steel bearing housings; just one of the professional passions that we could talk to you for hours about. We will try to avoid the jargon to show you why we find them so fascinating, have a read to find out more…

What is a steel bearing housing?

In short, it is a safe and secure bearing housings. The long description, however, is full of engineering skill, design experience and knowledge of the industries which require this fascinating component.

Bearing housings are used to protect bearings from contaminants, keeping the motion lubricated for efficiency and efficacy. Bearings use a rolling motion in complex machinery and mechanisms, maximising performance in manufacturing.
The main function of this important component is to support the mechanical rotating body. The action of the bearings supports the reduction of friction and increases accuracy in function. The housing is a vital part of the success of the bearings, created as modular assemblies that are designed for an easy installation of bearings and shafts, the housing protects the bearings for longevity and easy maintenance.

These complex machines include the manufacturing of cars, planes and household appliances- anything that requires rotating shafts of wheels, gears, turbines or rotors. They are customizable to our client’s specific requirements and our high-quality engineering design and build means that our bearing housings are cost efficient due to the service life provided by our tough engineering.

Where are bearing housings used in manufacture?

The list is quite endless. From the English Channel tunnelling machine to Lunar Rovers operating on the Moon, the applications of bearings and bearing housings is always developing as the engineers at the forefront of industries adapt and develop the way we use bearings.

Across industries, bearing housings are being used under increasing levels of stress, meaning that the engineering design has evolved to keep up with the pace and demands of various industries.

Design and manufacture of cast steel housing at Bri Mac international

We are passionate about design and spend much time finding solutions to bearing housing issues. Our housing solutions have been recognised by the Bearing Housing industry as the gold standard and our clients return time and time again for the working relationships we create through our collaboration; knowing we understand and commit to creating solutions that are proven to be effective every time.

Our products are built for extreme working conditions; aggressive and harsh working environments are where our purpose-built products truly stand out above our competitors as our clients have experienced the benefits of investing in high-quality manufacture to save money in the long term with products that have longevity as part of their design.

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