Distributors and Manufacturers working together to change the discussion with customers to “Value First Then Price”


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Price will be always part of the discussion, especially today. However, what are the best sales, marketing, pricing, and negotiation strategies and programs than can help you differentiate and get paid on the value you deliver. Companies that are able to do this are 36% more profitable than ones that take a “make it up in volume approach”. Companies that buy based on best measured Value are 35% more profitable. Join this session for practical and implementable ways, tools, and processes to get paid for your value.

Please feel free to join Todd Snelgrove presentation between 15 – 18 March at the Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event. Apart from that, you can always contact Todd Snelgrove for your individualized advice.

About Todd Snelgrove

Todd is the former Global Vice President of Value with over 20 years’ experience in being the team leader on understanding, presenting, calculating, pricing, and procuring on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and evolving that to a more holistic measurement called Total Profit Added™ (TPA™) for a Global Industrial Manufacturer. Todd is now the founding partner at Experts in Value, a consultancy that helps companies sell, market, price, and negotiate based on measurable value.

Todd is acknowledged to be a leading subject matter expert in the field of value. He has developed and implemented his leading insight into strategies around value contracting from both a sales and procurement perspective. Todd has demonstrated successful customer partnership agreements with Global Fortune 1000 companies, in numerous industries such as Industrial, FinTech, and Medical, in all geographies of the world.

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