Engineers on 13,000 KM Road Trip to Mongolia in 40 days


The Technological SilkRoad

Two young Mechanical and Electrical Engineers will organize a technological and knowledge caravan from Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar on 16 July 2020 – for 40 days passing through 9 different countries: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Mongolia.

They will visit several universities along the route, at different destinations of the trip, to bring them technical materials such as 3D printing machines, gearboxes, bearings, etc… and present technical workshop and presentations. The philosophy of the trip is to inspire young students and academics from isolated universities, and hopefully offer new windows into various knowledge and research.

Universities in following countries will be visited during this unique trip:

Salim Haffar, the export director at I-Mak Gearboxes explain: As we now have a clear program and looking forward for the departure date, we would like to thank all the companies, organization, universities, and individuals supporting us in this unique project. Their precious contributions are helping us to cover a tight and complex budget composed of material for universities, our car, visas, camping material, gas, food, and most probably a few unplanned costs.

As we will drive several thousand kilometres with a diesel car, it is also important for us to balance this carbon impact. That’s why we decided to make this trip carbon free by offsetting our carbon emissions by donating to social projects participating in tree planting and ecological investment around the world.

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Salim Haffar