EPTDA 2022 Annual Business Convention


More networking opportunities than ever.

EPTDA’s Annual Convention is highly acclaimed by PT/MC professionals as the leading event in the industry, providing outstanding time- and cost-saving solutions for expanding business networks and enhancing knowledge. Consistently rated as one of the most influential executive platforms in the international power transmission and motion control industry, it attracts 350-400 entrepreneurs and leaders of well-respected PT/MC Distributor and Manufacturer companies, together with their guests. Offering invaluable opportunities to network with peers and potential contacts, both formally and informally, this renowned event also presents inspiring and thought-provoking educational programs and business case studies for the member and non-member attendees.

Sixth largest economy in the European Union, Warsaw is ranked as one of the most “business-friendly”, rich in “human capital and lifestyle” and “most livable cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Together with Frankfurt, London and Paris, Warsaw is also one of the cities with the highest number of skyscrapers in the EU.

Now hailed as a prominent center of research and development, business process outsourcing, information technology outsourcing, and a hub to many of EPTDA member companies, we are delighted to welcome you to a city that knows how to rebuild and reinvent itself continuously.

More information will follow on www.eptdaconvention.org.


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