EPTDA welcomes seven new members


The leading executive association for Power Transmission and Motion Control (PTMC) industry across EMEA, is pleased to announce the addition of seven new member companies to its strong member portfolio:

  1. ARKOV, Czech Republik
  2. BELL D.O.O, Slovenia
  5. MAK AANDRIJVINGEN BV, The Netherlands
  6. PASSEROTTI SP. Z O. O., Poland

“EPTDA is honored to welcome seven new companies – six distributors and a new manufacturer – to its solid portfolio. Spanning across key industrial markets of Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey – the newest additions are a great testament to our credibility and strength across EMEA region and beyond,” said Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President. “Despite the ongoing turbulence and uncertainties in the economy, we are pleased to continue our momentum. We are committed to continue adding value to our member companies by providing intelligence, best practices, market data and trends, and inspiration from other industries and leaders. We are leveraging new digital alternatives to bring our members together regularly to help them navigate this unknown slowdown” – adds Hanegreefs.

Introducing the new member companies


ARKOV has been operating on the Czech market since 1992. Its portfolio includes a range of assortment and services. ARKOV has dealt with bearings and their accessories throughout its existence serving as the official representative of renowned manufacturers. The company also designs hydraulic or pneumatic solutions according to its customer requirements. In addition, ARKOV offers drive and sealing with propulsion technology products, and fasteners.

Whether designing and manufacturing machine components, repairs of hydraulic equipment, mobile service and maintenance, in areas of service and maintenance, ARKOV works closely with SKF. ARKOV is part of Axel Johnson International, a privately owned industrial group that acquires and develops companies in strategic niche markets, primarily technical components and industrial process solutions.

“Joining the EPTDA will give us an opportunity to be part of strong international group. It will open new ways to our business. We also hope that it will show us new strategies and we can enrich each other from the knowledge of other members,” said Jiří Urban, Managing Director.


Bell D.O.O. is a Slovenian sales and service company. It has a strong tradition of successful business for over 30 years. As a competent partner and supplier, it is in almost every industry branch.

The company represents and sells products of quality manufacturers and provides professional assistance with installation, use and maintenance. With more than 25 contract manufacturers provide a wide range of products in the field of bearing, sealing and drive technology, linear motion, power transmission, internal combustion engine engineering, etc. Service and repair are also part of the offer. For customers and end-users, the company also offers bespoke training programs in various fields.

Since its founding in 1989 as a family company, it has been experiencing steady growth and development. At the end of 2019, they became part of the global industrial group Axel Johnson International.

Dejan Kuhta, Technical Manager at Bell D.O.O: “Our motivation to join the EPTDA was the useful networking and discussions with manufacturers and other distributors as well as getting information on current economic trends and the state of the global economy. We’re looking forward to building new relationships with EPTDA members.”


For 75 years JENS S. has created, developed and provided products and services within power transmissions focusing on knowledge and engineering. Covering both components and applications, where they deliver solutions and services within transmissions, work with leading manufacturers and brands and run their own development and production. The company’s vision is to deliver a wide range of mechanical transmission components to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), resellers and end users in Northern Europe and the Baltic states.

Johan Benzler, CEO of JENS S: “Joining the EPTDA is a valuable step for our company, as in every aspect of every process, our goal is to work easy, safe and efficient.”


KYS Kurkcuoglu started to operate in the foundry sector in 1985 and produce power and motion transmission parts since the beginning of the nineties. The company has been developing itself since the day it was established and produces standard with taper bush V-Pulleys, Poly V-Pulleys, Timing Pulleys, Couplings and Bolt on Hubs flanges. In addition, according to customer requests, they manufacture according to technical drawing.

KYS Kurkcuoglu exports to 21 countries around the world, especially Germany and rest of Europe. It prides itself in offering quality products to its customers in domestic and foreign markets with the Taper Bushes, Couplings and similar products imported from Europe.

“KYS will strongly expand their distribution across Europe and the rest of the world. We are continuously searching for new partners, and to achieve this mission, we look forward to amplifying our network through EPTDA membership. We are also looking forward to benefiting from the tailor-made, highly valuable market intelligence and data provided by the association”, said Aybüke Peker, Foreign Trade Manager at KYS Kurkcuoglu.


With its roots dating back to 1926, MAK Aandrijvingen is a value-adding distributor for leading OEM’s in the Dutch market, providing mechanical power transmission solutions including chains, belts, motors and reducers.

MAK’s competitive edge is based on its logistic and quality performance in combination with technical expertise. The strong partnership with suppliers and the ability to combine brands and products, supported by internal machining and assembly departments, result in the ability to provide optimal transmission solutions. With a team of 37 employees, MAK performs at high levels to ensure the best logistic and quality performance.

Annette Koolen, Managing Director: “Since May 2018, MAK is a part the Axel Johnson International’s Industrial Solutions business group. This opened possibilities to collaborate in key areas with other companies in the group and the ability to join the EPTDA. We look forward to the added value of being part of this wide network, providing access to market intelligence and shared data.”


Passerotti sp. z o.o. was established in 1989 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and has since then successfully operated on the domestic sealing market. Since the first days of its activity, Passerotti has comitted to meet the requirements of its customers and to continuously improve the services provided.

Passerotti, with revenues of about EUR 8 million and more than 80 employees, is a leading supplier of technical seals for industry and a complementary range related to machine drives. Knowledge and experience together with its own production of turned seals is something that distinguishes company on the Polish market. Passerotti is a part of the Axel Johnson International AB, based in Stockholm.

Jacek Wróbel, Managing Director of Passerotti Sp.z.o.o.: “We would like to become a member of the EPTDA organization to get to know the most important global trends as well as the future requirements of key customers and the power transmission market in general. Such a large organization gives us the chance to get valuable information in many fields of everyday business. Sharing knowledge and trade opportunities globally is of great value to us.”


Sverull Elektrodynamo is a leading company in industrial service, mechanical maintenance and product supplies with excellence in electromechanics, bearings, transmissions, sealings, pumps and motors on the Swedish market. They offer the entire chain from analysis, design and product delivery to assembly, maintenance and repairs. The company is partners with some of the most recognized brands in the business, always focusing on quality in everything we do.

They consider their greatest asset though to be their people. As a de-centralized organization, Sverull relies on supporting their people to take quick and wise decisions, as this is believed to give true value to their customers and partners.

“We see a clear value in joining EPTDA. We believe our business will benefit from sharing experiences and challenges. In our ambition to grow, we are always looking for an increased network of partnerships and collaborations, and we believe that EPTDA is greatly positioned to help us. We also look forward to more in-depth market intelligence”, said Martin Elm, CEO of Sverull Elektrodynamo.