Exciting Changes and New Features Coming to BearingCloud!


BearingCloud is excited to announce the upcoming changes and features set to redefine the bearing and power transmission trade experience in 2024 and beyond. The marketplace has currently 2,500+ members, from 130+ countries and an activity level of 10,000+ inquiries / year.

What’s New?

The users will be now able to use the advanced search among 3,500,000 lines of Bearing and PT stocks and use an automated process for inventory uploads. To make the most of these features, we encourage the users to start using the new search function, and to update their inventory to start selling their stocks globally.

New & Multifunctional Homepage

Upon request and feedback from our valued members, we upgraded the BearingCloud homepage with new and more functional elements which is giving the marketplace the space for displaying advanced features and metrics upcoming in the near future.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Bearing and PT business grow and prosper, and will keep the community informed about more changes during 2024.

Feel free to reach out to BearingCloud Team at [email protected] for any assistance or further information requests.


Visit BEARINGCLOUD website to explore more. 


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