From local specialist to global partner for industry and commerce: SIELAND Celebrates its 50th anniversary


This year, Franz Sieland GmbH celebrates 50 years since its founding. Known as Sieland Industriebedarf, the German company headquartered in Arnsberg, near Dortmund, is a specialist distributor for tools and bearings. Its portfolio covers practically the entire range of needs for industrial and commercial customers.

Besides supplying a wide range of power transmission components, power tools, hand tools, cutting tools, cleaning equipment, personal protective equipment and workspace equipment, Sieland in particular offers consulting as well as repair and maintenance services. Sieland puts a high priority on extensive warehouse inventory and the personal relationship with customers. The products are delivered all over the world.

The specialist dealer for industrial supplies was founded in 1973 by Franz Sieland and Rainer Haas. Rainer’s son Stefan Haas has led the company as managing director since 2005. “I’ve been part of the company since childhood, and I practically grew up in the salesroom,” says Stefan Haas. “The company originally started as a local business for industrial customers, craftsmen and municipal works. We supplied everything needed for repairing machinery.”

This portfolio was extended to include power transmission as a further line of business in 2008: “We deliver power transmission components for the D2D sector, meaning from distributor to distributor, worldwide,” says Stefan Haas. “This means we sell mainly FAG, INA and SKF bearings to other distributors in our network. Apart from these premium brands, we are also a niche provider for special applications with ceramic bearings and also high temperature bearings from the German manufacturer SWC.”

In order to expand its bearing stock capacity, since the beginning of 2023 Sieland has cooperated with a new logistics partner, A.L.S. Allgemeine Land- und Seespedition GmbH. At its 12,000 square- metre logistics centre in Arnsberg, A.L.S. is responsible for inventory management, order picking, and for shipping of Sieland’s entire product range. Loading and unloading is now carried out at eleven bays and four gates in the newly constructed logistics centre. “Sieland customers now have the benefit not only of greater warehouse capacities, but also of extended shipping times and excellent transport links to the logistics centre, which is very important for our local customers,” says Stefan Haas. In the new warehouse, Sieland stores goods on more than 1,800 euro pallets and 5,000 shelving racks. Over 20,000 power transmission items are available for immediate supply from the warehouse.

For orders received before 3 p.m., Sieland guarantees same-day shipment or dispatch. In the next step, it is planned to extend shipping times to 6 p.m. by the end of 2023. “Our comprehensive inventory ensures a high availability, which is complemented efficiently by our worldwide delivery service,” says Stefan Haas. “Because emergencies or failures of important machines happen constantly, especially in the power transmission field. To enable us to deliver the right bearing promptly in these situations, we stockpile a wide range of common bearing types. The bearings in stock can be sent flexibly via all service channels, overnight express, courier or scheduled consignments.”

A further 60,000 items in the tools catalogue can be shipped within 24 hours via drop shipping. Another site has been acquired for Sieland’s tools division, which specialises in personal protective equipment and tools: with the acquisition of HIW GmbH, the company now has a presence in Hamburg as well.

Besides classic delivery and customer- collection for local businesses, Sieland also runs a modern online shop. Following its introduction in 2014, the online

shop for bearing distributors has now undergone complete redevelopment, functional optimisation, and re- branding. It allows simple access to inventories and

individual prices. At www.d2d-bearings. com, bearing distributors can now check directly online whether the parts they need are available in the desired quantity.

“As managing director, Stefan is a true entrepreneur with integrity,” says Jan Kruse, the responsible manager for organisational development and expansion of the bearings division at Sieland. “Stefan’s business partners value his reliability and his rapid, dependable response. When times are tough, or if a problem arises, for example when a spare part is needed urgently, these situations often end up making new relationships. Because this is where Stefan and his excellent team work creatively with their business partners to find a workable solution. And it is from positive experiences such as these that strong relationships may be forged for both sides. This philosophy has been central to the Sieland way of doing business for five decades.”

For the future, Stefan is looking to maintain the company’s existing business relationships and continue developing its service portfolio. “The path he and his employees have begun together is intended to lead to further strengthening of consulting and logistics services,” says Jan Kruse. “His values are reflected in every aspect of the company: his pleasant manner with employees, customers and suppliers, and innovative thinking which finds expression in his willingness to embrace new ideas!”

Company information:
Franz Sieland GmbH, known as Sieland Industriebedarf, is a specialist distributor
for tools and bearings with headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. Besides supplying bearings and power transmission components, tools, cleaning equipment, personal protective equipment and workspace equipment, Sieland offers consulting as well as repair and maintenance services. The company maintains an extensive warehouse inventory and ships the products all over the world.

More information about the company can be found at the link or can be requested from [email protected] +49 (0)2932 97710


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