From NBI to Grupo NBI


This is the story of the NBI bearing brand

NBI is a premium brand of bearings created in 2002. After two decades of continuous growth and driven by innovation, it has become what it is today, an industrial group,  Grupo NBI.

Grupo NBI Initially, NBI originally focused on multi- product, multi-brand distributors, centered around the distribution sector in Spain. After a radical strategic change in 2005, it refocused its activity on manufacturing and marketing bearings under the NBI Bearings Europe brand to original equipment manufacturers in Europe, setting up its first factory in China in 2006.

The flotation on the alternative stock market in 2015 opened the doors to further development and expansion and has allowed NBI to come to be the solid industrial group which it is today.

NBI has strategically acquired seven companies which today provide the technologies and knowledge required to manufacture each component of a bearing thus attaining vertical integration.

The group consists of two divisions, the bearing division and the industrial
division, with four well-differentiated business units, bearings, precision
machining, metal transformation and aluminum injection.

The bearing division

Created 20 years ago and formed by a team of more than eighty people with extensive experience in the sector. It is focused on supplying bearings to OEM customers for applications with high technical requirements and approved by global benchmark customers in their sector.

NBI Bearings Europe manufacturing plant (Spain)

NBI is well-equipped with a highly active and dedicated commercial team distributed between Spain, India, Romania, China and Brazil and an individualized both pre-sales and post- sales technical service. This being a differentiating element provided by NBI’s highly experienced staff coupled with its exceptional application engineering.

With distribution centers in Spain, China, and India. This enables NBI to streamline and guarantee deliveries to all its customers.

A continuous investment in R&D and its own internally – developed design software are the strong points that make NBI stand out in design and manufacturing. NBI Bearings launched a new line of Enhanced+ bearings four years ago, with a higher load capacity and consequently an increase in their useful life, with the constant additions of new references being included in the said line.

Metallography, metrology, and other testing laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology available. With production plants in Spain and India and a strategic agreement in China with a current manufacturing range: CRB, SRB, TRB, CRTB, SPB and CF. These strengths are what make NBI a premium brand competing with the leading brands in the market.

The industrial division

NBI founded this division with the purpose of achieving vertical integration of the technologies and processes necessary for the manufacture of the different components of a bearing. Focused on the design, manufacture and supply of components and assemblies for the industry and aeronautical sector, selecting and investing in the optimal technology for the manufacture of each component. Formed by a highly experienced team of more than 240 people.

Divided into three business units:

Precision machining unit Acquired in 2016, NBI benefits from its own stamping plant and a bar turning plant that provide the group with the knowledge, experience and capacity to design and manufacture cages as well as turned roller processes. Both are located in Spain.

Metal transformation unit

With a plant specialized in the design and production of fine boiler components and subassemblies for a wide range of industries (Spain 2018). Together with a plant for the design and manufacture of tools and serial parts for the aeronautical sector (Spain 2020).

Aluminium injection unit

(Created at the end of 2020). A plant in Romania focused on the supply of aluminium components mainly for the automotive sector. It incorporates into the group the processes and know-how of aluminium casting, injection, and machining.

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