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At the end of 2023, NTN Europe announced its brand new industrial partnership with LTM of the Mecatech Group to enter the automotive shock absorber market from January 2024. This agreement reflects the Group’s strategy of continued development in collaboration with partner companies that can provide complementary technical and industrial expertise.

                                                        Dominique Lavilla, CEO of NTN Europe

For three years now, NTN Europe has actively pursued the development of its business activities through a robust policy that favours the establishment of partnerships. So to bring research and development projects to their successful conclusion throughout all of its markets, the manufacturer is relying on open innovation and building a surrounding network of collaborative suppliers, start-ups and laboratories.

In the latest partnership established in this context, NTN Europe has joined forces with a well-known manufacturer of shock absorbers: LTM. This pairing will give rise to a range of more than 800 part numbers for gas shock absorbers that will complement SNR brand suspension kits for the automotive aftermarket.

Beyond the Group’s desire to capitalise on its road holding expertise, this collaboration represents above all an opportunity for NTN Europe to launch a new product range, the quality of which meets its requirements as a premium manufacturer, by relying on a solid partner company with shared values and added competencies.

“To maintain our position as a global industrial leader, we have been working for several years now to increase the number of partnerships that we have with outside firms. Based on complementary characteristics and mutual respect, these partnerships aim to innovate and create positive and beneficial synergies for our Group, our partner companies and the related business segments,” said Dominique Lavilla, CEO of NTN Europe. “The formalisation of our recent collaboration with LTM is therefore just one further step in the context of our ambitious global strategy in pursuit of this impressive goal.”


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