Group of 5 manufacturers looking for acquisitions/partnership in Europe


The partner is a Trust consisting out of 5 Chinese bearing companies specialized in producing mainly deep groove ball bearings, from miniature to large ones, with an aggregated yearly turnover of about 80 million Euro and proven track of solid results.

The trust is interested to acquire even a minority share of one distributor in Europe that is specialized in serving ball bearings applications and that is interested to reinforce its products portfolio with high quality and competitive bearings covering the whole range.

The ideal target distributor is located in any of the industrialized countries in Europe, has a strong sales and application engineers’ team and is mainly serving OEM customers. The current yearly sales of distributor should be minimum of 4 million Euro.

The investors are available to consider option of partnerships based also on exchange of shares with their manufacturing companies in China.

ICT guarantees maximum discretion in managing expressions of interest. Interested companies are requested to write directly to m&[email protected] or to call at +39 (0)121 376811 to plan a dedicated meeting or video-call. Kindly mention ref. number 23SS_MT.


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