Heating a gearwheel, rolling bearing or gear parts in general with a gas flame? Absolutely not!


simatec presents a revolutionary method of assembling gears, bearings and other transmission parts that eliminates the need for traditional, risky heating methods using a gas flame. The innovative simatherm induction heaters are at the heart of this technology, which prioritizes safety, efficiency and precision.

The induction heaters are designed to inspire professionals!

These devices are specifically designed to optimize assembly processes by providing uniform, fast and controlled heating without exposing parts to the dangers and damage of open flames, contaminated oil baths or overheated hotplates. The technology offers numerous advantages, such as the avoidance of mechanical overloads, automatic demagnetization, user-friendliness and significantly increased work safety. With simatherm heating devices, only the workpiece is heated, while the device itself remains cool, which significantly improves the efficiency and cleanliness of the assembly process.

Over 60% of premature bearing failures can be avoided by using our solutions. Improper installation often leads to damage and premature failure, which can be prevented by using our specialized tools and heating devices. This ensures the longevity of the installed parts and contributes to the operational efficiency of the systems.

Our simatherm induction heaters are suitable for a variety of applications, including bearings, gears, sprockets and many more, and can handle workpieces weighing up to 300 kg. They replace conventional heating methods and offer a perfect solution for the professional and economical assembly of bearings and other transmission parts.

Discover in our video how simatherm revolutionizes the assembly of gear parts and why it is the safer, faster and more economical choice for your equipment.

And to top it all off, you could also use the simatool Bearing Handling Tool to mount the heated workpieces easily and, above all, safely.



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