High Precision Stainless Steel Balls for Silent Bearings


G5 balls in AISI 440C and 420C steels

Stainless steel bearings are used in all those cases the risk of corrosion makes inappropriate the usage of chrome steel bearing, who will rust easily in the presence of moisture or chemicals. That’s why in certain applications – like for example in the food/beverage industry – stainless steel is recommended because its strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

440C stainless steel is the most suitable grade when an application must meet the full load capacity of a standard bearing. It has higher levels of carbon than other grades of stainless steel, that allows to achieve the same hardness and strength of chrome steel bearings. AISI 420C steel may also be used in certain circumstances. Both are martensitic steel types.

To guarantee to the stainless steel bearings in application the same level of silence of equivalent chrome steel bearings, balls must be produced within strict geometrical and metallurgical tolerance, according to the demanding requirements of G5 quality grades (as for ISO 3290).

G5 is a high precision grade of steel ball, which means that it has very tight tolerances for size and roundness. This level of precision ensures that the ball bearings operate smoothly and efficiently, reducing friction and wear on the bearing components. Precision balls help minimize vibration within the bearing system, which is crucial for applications such medical devices where stability and precision are critical.

Using G5 steel balls can improve the load capacity of a bearing, especially if they are made from high-quality steel, properly heat-treated to increase its strength and toughness. This means that stainless steel bearings with G5 quality grade balls can handle heavier loads than bearings made with lower-grade balls. Furthermore, G5 steel balls have excellent surface finish and low surface roughness, which can further reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the bearing. This can result in longer service intervals, reduced maintenance costs, and increased reliability of the overall system.

In summary, using G5 balls can provide a competitive advantage to stainless steel ball bearings manufacturers by improving the precision, load capacity, and longevity of their products. This can result in increased customer satisfaction, repeat business and a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

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