How Bearing Customers Can Respond to Evolving Dynamics in China


Like many in our industry, Karan Gupta, Strategy Executive at KG International, is constantly worried about how to respond to the market volatility prevalent in China. In an effort to support peers and partners, Karan has conducted research into the drivers of the rapidly evolving market dynamics in the Chinese bearing industry. This research is published as a report, providing a detailed perspective on how the ongoing power crisis and steel shortage will further impact and fundamentally change the future of the bearing industry.

In this study, the author lays out a rigorous market perspective on what trends have been impacting the bearing industry and how bearing manufacturers are currently responding to it. Furthermore, there are four plausible scenarios presented for how the future could unfold. The author also lays out some “no-regret” actions, which partners and peers can take into consideration to mitigate risk and maintain profitability to come out of this tough time stronger and together.

Feel free to reach out to Karan Guptaread the summary or get the full report at the following link.