Hybrid & Special Ball Bearings from Italy


Skills, reliability and over half a century of history it consolidate CPM among the leading Italian companies specialized in the design and production of customized special bearings, in medium and high series.

Design and production of special bearings in a dimensional range between 10 millimeters of bore and 800 millimeters of external diameter: this is what CPM, founded in 1967 and recognized as a reference point in the sector, has been involved in for over half a century, is carried out in the modern and well-equipped factory in Nova Milanese, on the outskirts of Milan, in the province of Monza and Brianza, with the support of a staff of over 185 employees.

The production process, from design to production, up to the logistics of the finished product takes place completely internally, with the advantage of being able to constantly monitor the quality of the bearings produced and offer a service that meets the highest expectations.

The company has an operational structure that consists of five warehouses, for a total of 20,000 m2 of production area (of which 10,000 are covered), in which the various departments are located, and where the turning, grinding, lapping and assembly operations are carried out.

Even the heat treatment, one of the fundamental phases of the production cycle, is followed internally by Carbotempra, a company owned by CPM, equipped with high-performance automated lines and specific latest generation high-performance furnaces with a low environmental impact. This allows us an optimal and even more rigorous management of the order timing of the various projects, as well as a more accurate attention to process quality.

Made in Italy quality exported all over the world

Each project is followed in CPM directly by the technical office, collaborating with the customer from the earliest stages of product development, making available its high know-how, gained in over 50 years of experience. The company has all the primary certifications such as: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001; the production is carried out strictly in Italy and there are many sectors of use: from power transmission, to textiles, from medical to food, just to name the main, prevalent and historical ones, as well as the most recent but no less important biking sector (with applications in the amateur and professional segments).The adoption and internal development of Lean Production represents a further fundamental point to be perfectly adherent and consistent with our company claim, that is, “Your needs … Our actions !!”.This with the precise aim of being able to best meet the customer’s needs, with ad hoc solutions specifically designed and developed according to precise performance requirements. Producing locally and thinking globally resides in the company’s DNA and represents the added value that has led it to constant and significant growth, firmly continuing to believe in the quality of a made in Italy product now exported all over the world. Quality that is found in each of the nearly 4 million special bearings that are manufactured every year in the Nova Milanese plants, destined for the national and international market.

More durability, more smoothness

Among the many projects developed by CPM, the most recent one also stands out for the construction of a bearing required by an important customer active in the sector of the production of machines for food canning. The request for a custom execution arises from the need of this important customer of ours to want to increase the duration of the application achieved by using standard bearings. In addition to this need, another decisive feature for this type of application concerned particular attention to the smoothness of the bearing itself. In response to these requests, CPM’s technical department has therefore studied a special solution for a high-precision, double row angular “hybrid” ball bearing, made of stainless steel with ceramic balls and “for life” lubrication. All the construction features have been aimed at increasing its life and reducing the rolling torque and, therefore, improving the smoothness of the bearing, a fundamental feature in use. Thus, every single element of the bearing has been optimized, from the geometry of the races to the type of cage, from the profile of the screen to the food grade grease up to the optimization of the axial play. The first aspect related to the geometry of the races is a fundamental parameter for improving the life of the bearing. This last peculiarity is very important since, in the special use, the bearing works in a continuous cycle. Therefore, the extension of maintenance intervals is essential to ensure high production. After an initial phase of successful tests, the bearings went into service with complete satisfaction of the final customer.

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