Increase the Service Life of Bearings


The greatest dangers for bearings are:

  • dirt
  • moisture
  • incorrect lubrication

An effective solution is the automatic lubricator G-LUBE:

Instead of the grease nipple, the G-LUBE is either screwed in directly or connected to a supply line. As a result, the lubrication point is sealed and protected against dust and moisture.

In this way, even dangerous or hard-to-reach lubrication points can be supplied automatically, which improves the work safety.

The correct lubrication:

The correct lubrication depends on the right lubricant as well as the right dosage.

The G-LUBE automatically lubricates the lubrication point for up to 1 year. The amount of lubricant dispensed can be adjusted from 0.16 ml/day to 8 ml/day, depending on the consumption at the lubrication point.

Easy to install and flexible to use:

No tools or knives are required to activate the G-LUBE, everything is quick and easy to use. Changing the setting is possible at any time.

The robust housing also allows use under rough conditions, even permission for use in ex-areas has been granted.

In order to use the correct lubricant, the G-LUBE is also available empty for filling with the desired lubricant.

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