Interview: Fersa Implements Early Safety Protocols Against The Pandemic


Pedro Pablo Andreu , COO at Fersa Group in Spain, explains Fersa’s early initiatives taken to ensure business continuity during the pandemic period.

Pedro Pablo Andreu, COO of Fersa Group, Zaragoza, Spain

1. Please tell us about the initiatives taken by your company for business continuity while ensuring employees well-being during these challenging times?

The company implemented strict safety protocols since February, for those ones who need to work in the plant ad hoc PPEs, like masks and gloves, were introduced. All the rest are working remotely. Our ERP is 100% cloud based therefore we had no major issues to adapt to the new situation.

2. What steps have you taken to ensure work from Home? How are you ensuring collaboration amongst internal teams?

We have provided the option of teleworking, fully operational, to all those employees who can work from home. Our ERP is 100% cloud based therefore we had no major issues to adapt to the new situation. Although maintaining communication skills during these times of limited physical interaction may be challenging for others, our workers had no problem to adapt to this new reality. They are used to work this way, since they manage projects involving Austria, Spain, USA, China, Brazil…etc, therefore they are used to an “omnichannel” communication.

3. What initiatives have you taken for smooth customer experience?

We are working on improving our online tools so we can maintain our strong relationship with our customers. In that way, we have developed a special online purchase channel that will be available in May.

4. What would you define as key lessons from this crisis?

Communication during these hard times has been key to us. The whole team needs to understand the goals of the company in this period, not only to survive but to thrive. They need to understand how their work contributes to the overall picture. The pandemic will eventually be under control, and we all will be remembered by how we behaved. We do need to take this opportunity to become a better company and a better employer; we need to take this challenging opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.

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