Intuitive navigation, intelligent search and quick entry: meet the new PICARD onlineshop


Known as specialists in the fields of linear technology and rolling bearing, and long-term trailblazers in the industry’s e-commerce market, Friedrich PICARD GmbH & Co. KG has a new onlineshop!

The business from Bochum offers more than just its extensive product range. With its brand-new online shop PICARD provides a broad range of new features that simplify the shopping process, offer complete transparency when it comes to available goods and their pricing, as well as adding an increased focus on service mentality: all designed for the user’s benefit.

As the first in the industry the PICARD onlineshop enables users to fill three shopping carts at the same time – so that long-term and repeat orders can be purchased and managed completely separately from items the customer might require on a short-term basis. The system has also been optimised in terms of its transparency: different delivery options and their pricing are immediately visible. This way, customers are guaranteed a completely transparent and uncomplicated insight into the complete costs their order will amount to, and make their calculations more simply and dynamically as a result. Once an order is placed, its delivery is displayed in real time. Orders received from Monday to Friday until 7pm are even dispatched on the same day. And that isn’t all: the quick linear configurator lets customers see the price and availability of their order right away after entering quantity, length of the rails and distance of drill holes.

PICARD offers this solution for customers to incorporate in their own online shop or inventory system as well, further simplifying the order process. This special offer gives made-to-measure customer support and service a whole new meaning. The new e-commerce platform unites many practical features, and is available now under