ISB Industries towards Industry 4.0: The New Logistics Hub


With a total capacity of over 56,000 pallets in stock, ISB industries has officially opened a new logistics hub, which will allow the company based in Emilia region to rise to all the challenges posed by the market.

Founded in 1981, ISB Industries Group has become one of the major international players in the field of industrial components. ISB is today able to produce and offer a complete range of quality articles to meet the needs of customers operating in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors.

Since 1981, the success of ISB Industries has been founded on continual investment in Italy and abroad (new partnerships, new branches, new products), always playing an active role on the market for bearings and components for industrial automation.

For ISB Industries, the three-year period 2016 – 2019 has been characterised by numerous major investments, most notably the construction of the new Logistics Hub, an automatic bearings warehouse – the largest in Italy and the third-largest in Europe – with a total capacity of over 56,000 pallets in stock, officially opened in May in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) by the President of ISB, Romeo Ghirardini, along with Riccardo Ferretto, CEO of Ferretto Group, who took care of the project for the integrated logistics system.

Ghirardini explained that “although it remains a family business, headed by me, my daughter Chiara and my son-in-law Giuseppe Vernetti, ISB Green Brand is now a familiar name worldwide, thanks to the focus on internationalisation that has always been our hallmark. To achieve this result, we have implemented an internationalisation programme that in our almost 40 years in businesses has led us to open branches in Spain, Brazil, Central America, China and India, as well as five production facilities, to ensure we’re never far from our customers”.

“The inauguration of this new logistics hub is a matter of pride for us”, continued the President of ISB, “because it is further confirmation of our desire to open out to international markets and to be increasingly at our customers’ service, offering a complete, reliable range of products”.

Thanks to its widespread distribution network and new ISB automated Logistics System, ISB is a reliable partner, able to offer a timely service and customised logistics solutions, such as just-in-time and KanBan, with a view to the Industry 4.0 approach. To create this new automatic stocking system, ISB chose the skills and technology of Ferretto Group Spa. The work required 15 months of planning and design, and a year of work for installation, adding up to a total of 24 months. The warehouse is equipped with seven carriers that move latestgeneration shuttles able to guarantee 135 combined cycles per hour, which means that 135 incoming and outgoing pallets can be handled per hour. This will rise to 235 when the system is complete.

The new ISB automated warehouse, equipped with an anthropomorphic Cartesian robot, performs the four basic functions of entry of single units, exit of single units, picking/ refilling and depalletizing as well as film-coating and selection. All operations are automatic, except for film removal, which remains manual.

Production and internationalisation

ISB’s consolidated international reputation and presence in over 90 countries worldwide starts out from the Headquarters of ISB Industries. The size of this logistics hub is indicative of the vocation of the Group based in Emilia region to increasingly open out towards markets all over the globe. “ISB’s international vocation is evident in the widespread network of distributors, branches and production facilities located abroad”, explained Giuseppe Vernetti. “In order to effectively provide our customers with products and services, we don’t just use sales offices; we have a structured network of branches. To mention just a few, there’s ISB Spain, the first branch established in Barcelona; or ISB Shanghai, where we opened a new facility in autumn 2015, although we’ve actually been present in Shanghai since way back in 1995. In 1995, selling quality bearings in Shanghai was a visionary concept, which immediately set us apart from the other players present at the time on the international market. Today in Shanghai we have a warehouse that’s very similar to the one we’ve just opened, in terms of everything except size”, continued Vernetti.

“Also worth mentioning is the Brazilian branch, which is growing all the time; ISB India, a huge market, where we receive orders for bearings with diameters that are unusual compared with the European market; or ISB Central America, a branch established just last year, but which is growing at an impressive rate, because here we offer a bearing in inches, with improved geometries, quality and production range”, concluded Giuseppe Vernetti. In addition, ISB Industries has five factories for producing bearings, rod ends and linear systems:

  • The ISB factory for the production of ball bearings is located in China, and was inaugurated in 2014;
  • Located in Fiorano Modenese is Mac Power, a leading 100% Italian company that recently joined ISB Group and produces rod ends;
  • The facility for the production of linear systems was inaugurated in Taiwan in 2004;
  • ISB tapered roller bearings are produced in the Chinese factory inaugurated in 2008 and currently undergoing renovation work to take product from 4 to 7 million units. The work is close to being completed.
  • In 1990, in India, ISB opened the factory that manufactures tapered and cylindrical roller bearings, with P6 standard precision.

Other new developments are also on their way in the coming months: new branches abroad in strategic countries, the opening of further INS Service facilities in Italy and the acquisition of new factories.

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