ISB turns 40


This year, ISB Group, commonly known worldwide as the “Green Brand,” celebrates it’s 40th anniversary. Bearing News had the distinct privilege of speaking with ISB’s Board of Directors to uncover the details behind this milestone achievement. Leaders of the Group: Mr. Bartolomeo Ghirardini (Founder and Chairman), Mrs. Chiara Ghirardini (CFO), and Mr. Giuseppe Vernetti (CEO) detail how the company has evolved, adapted to change, and most important what is in store for the future.

Above all, congratulations to ISB for the milestone anniversary of 40 years! What does this achievement represent for the company?

It is such a strong feeling to reach this 40th achievement. It immediately brings us to remember many unforgettable milestones. These perceptions are crossed with a pragmatic vision that will bring us to reach our next anniversary. Operations are so intense in all the companies within the ISB group, that it is only when we force ourselves to stop and think we can realize how long and crisp was this path to get here today. Surely feelings are intense and, in some way, nostalgic, beside we can step out from the landscape and look forward to the next steps. That’s the good end of every anniversary celebration!

With innovations and investments being at the forefront, please tell us how the company has evolved since its establishment in 1981.

Looking back across several decades, the ISB Company has evolved from a local distributor to an emerging worldwide organization which has achieved international recognition as the “Green Brand” ISB. A key factor to the company’s success is the development of a solid reputation, through continuous investments, strategic locations, specializations, and a focus on reliability and professionalism. Today the structure of this process remains ongoing. Fresh, new additions are coming, including the new Technical Center (2021) along with another specialized company focused on Power Transmission Components (2022).

                                                  ISB new Technical Solution Center, Rubiera, Italy

What are the core products and services of the ISB Group today?

ISB industries is a group of companies that trust specialization: every part of the big team has a specific role and follow ideas of development and leadership in its own sector. Always beginning with the products core that is represented by ITALCUSCINETTI Co. – Headquarter with industrial bearings and components, oil seals full range with OT SEALS Co., linear system solutions with TRM Co, power transmission (rigid and elastic) with EUROTRASMISSIONI Co. All ready to serve customers at the highest level of logistics and support, with tops like co-engineering and special products prototyping. Together with a constellation of ISB dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, importantly, our parts are made by our own PRODUCTION PLANTS Co., with reliability, capability and automations ready to push ISB Group to constant highes quality preformaces.

How does ISB distinguish itself from market competitors?

ISB Group has distinguished itself from the very beginning through the power of innovation; high performance products, new line-ups, developing human capacities, straight marketing and owners’ passions. Constant learning and improvements are the foundation where we feed ideas and energy for better operations with new investments and projects that make every single component of our ISB Group part of a successful story.

Mrs. Chiara Ghirardini (CFO), Mr. Bartolomeo Ghirardini (Founder and Chairman) and Mr. Giuseppe Vernetti (CEO)

What potential growth do you see for of the Green Brand? Are there any immediate future plans?

Many seeds have been planted during the last years, with the 2018 long term plan issued after a sales & investment record year. With current markets that are still discounting the Pandemic’s effect, but full of hopes and support for the next couple of years, we expect to grow inside our best product segment, expand our market share in main markets, and win some new important tenders that will bring out ISB on top of competition list. Last but not least, new Power Transmission challenge, that recall 20 years of experience in that field, will put the final drop on an unmatched range of opportunities.

After 40 years, the company has retained its family character and maintains a high degree of social responsibility. Can you explain how family and social consciousness plays a role in the Green Brand?

Sure, we have created a solid base on family components and cooperation. This direct connection with every operation of each company in our Group brings us plenty of information and options to make the best investment choices. Also, this allows us to be closely linked with each territory and most important with the people, which we feel is the real inner power of every company. At the same time, during last years, our headquarters in particular adopted a new internal organization, with new departments and team work, linked with the latest communications and project management technology. A mix of traditional and advanced processes is pushing the Group every day to higher levels of speed and customer service.

                                                                   ISB Headquarter in Rubiera, Italy

What difficulties did the company face during the pandemic? How did the company navigate this difficult time?

What happened from the end of 2019 (and is still not finished) had the strongest effect on the people’s consciousness and attitude. ISB Group worked hard to put every ISB single person within the company, and in the world, in a quiet and safe atmosphere with updated information and maximum sanitary support. As said, this strategy paid off, our locations are considered safe and controlled places to work with someone always ready to help. ISB company guided all the crew and maintained a solid presence and response to market demands.

How do you see the future of the industry as a whole in the coming years?

Real industrial perspective is faded. This has not happened in the last 15 years. Looking at current moments, bulls are on the field and post-pandemic optimism is online, but no one knows how long this will last, and if the markets will rebound heavily. ISB Group is keeping itself ready for stronger results; brand expansion, new markets, new logistics and production projects are already on the table for 2022- 2025 future campaigns. Further than that? We will be ready for the next, great . . . Gold Anniversary! Follow Green, follow ISB!

This article is published in BearingNews September 2021 issue