JTEKT Corporation rebranding Koyo Bearings to JTEKT Bearings


We would like to inform the market and our customers that JTEKT Corporation will be unifying all its business brands to the JTEKT brand. For the Bearing business this means that the Koyo brand will be replaced by the JTEKT brand, as of our next fiscal year, starting on April 1, 2022.

Please appreciate that this is only a change of brand. The company, its general structure, the products and services will remain the same. Our customers can rely on the continued good service and quality of our products in the future and our commitment to keep the same excellent business relationship with our valued partners, as in the past.

Concerning the brand transition, please take note that although the official date for this corporate brand change will be April 1, 2022, the actual introduction of the new JTEKT branded products and the phase out of the Koyo brand will be subject to a gradual process, far beyond this date. We expect that the full transition will practically take at least 1-2 years.



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