KUKKO@Eisenwarenmesse 2020 – Experience the next level

KUKKO, which has been synonymous for non-destructive dismantling solutions, will present a completely new trade fair concept at the Eisenwarenmesse 2020 according to the motto “Experience the Next Level”. The open and multimedia-oriented exhibition stand promises a new dimension of experience and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of pullers through the staging of lively enactments. The focus here is on both analogue and digital applications.

“In developing the new appearance, we have, for the first time, transported into 3D our mission statement and our promise to keep everything moving forward using energy, foresight and trust. Visitors will float through the stand following their interests and be inspired by a variety of media and demo applications,” said Caroline Blome, Communication Director KUKKO, summing up the aspirations for this year’s fair

As a solution developer with a vision, KUKKO takes trade fair visitors on a journey through the KUKKO world. Touchpads and selected exhibits convey the most important information about KUKKO premium products and they help document the lasting and unique know-how of our pulling specialists.

The stand offers an impressive look into the range of products of the market leader for premium pullers, from classic workshop activities using hydraulic big players such as AXLE and URANOS to powerful innovations in mini format (POWER NUT) all the way to the Premium Edition “The Best of 100 Years”. Our hands-on mentality is omnipresent and our developers are always looking towards the future.

At the center of the exhibition stand and as a special highlight, KUKKO will show for the first time its recently launched product configurator. Users and new customers alike will be inspired when using it on oversized touch screens. Our essential and important consulting expertise has been raised to a new level with the product configurator. Today, it is crucial to be available 24/7 and to respond as individually as possible to customers’ problems. With the help of a multimedia touchscreen and just a few clicks, the user can navigate through the Four Puller Principles and the different industries at the trade fair. At the same time, it can provide relevant information to help you solve problems so that you can find the right tool.

In anticipation of a great trade fair appearance with special product and service promises, Michael Kleinbongartz, CEO KUKKO, emphasized that his company will “maintain its role as a pioneer with courage and willpower and grow by investing in future technology, especially in such turbulent times of change.”

The Eisenwarenmesse takes place from March 1 – 4, 2020. KUKKO is located in Hall 10 / K004/L005.